Here are some recent press clippings of interest to Motivated Money visitors

Sharemarket dividends or bank savings? There’s no contest

Michael pascoe - Sydney Morning herald

This exposes the 'cash crash'. ... more

For more control, stop thinking it's possible

Ross Gittins - Sydney Morning Herald - 26th April 2010

Benign neglect remains a powerful investment tool! ... more

Dreams don't come in instalments

Damon Young - Sydney Morning Herald

A sobering assessment of the Australian 'genetic defect! ... more

They Told Me That Madoff Never Lost Money! 26th Dec 2008

Ben Stein - New York Times

... more

"Cop a Dose of Harden Up" - 14th November 2008

Michael Pascoe - Sydney Morning Herald

The depression we had to have. With luck it will be severe and recalibrate the expectations of a generation! ... more

Bull vs Bear = Blood sport -13th March 2008

Michael Pascoe - Yahoo Money Matters

In the red corner, Alan Kohler, my Eureka Report colleague. In the blue corner, Peter Thornhill, former funds manager. Who will win? ... more

Greed; a deadly sin for the economy. - 20th October 2008

Paul Sheehan - Sydney Morning Herald

Australia has a fiscal surplus, but that does not offer as much protection as people think. If the Government boosts spending further, the current account deficit will spiral out of control. ... more

Buy American - I am! - 17th October 2008

Warren Buffett - New York Times

Words of wisdom from the 'Oracle' ... more

Saving the housing dream - 2nd September 2008

Scott Pape - The Barefoot Investor - Herald -Sun

Throwing money at something has never made it cheaper!! ... more

Shares a tax-friendly super strategy - 24th October 2007

Gillian Bullock - The Australian

Peter Thornhill of Motivated Money says dividends remain stable in aggregate. ... more

Fee greed slows LIC stream to trickle - 31st October 2007

John Synnott - The Australian

One reason is greed -- the new wave of LICs has boosted fees relative to rival managed fund charges. The other is that financial planners are the distributors for investment products and prefer managed funds because of the commissions they get. ... more

Managed Fund Savings Plans -1st September 2007

Peter Freeman - Money Magazine

An important option that mimics one of super's key features � building wealth by making small but regular investments � is the managed fund savings plan. ... more

In a crisis, US Fed turns to jelly - 10th August 2007

Stephen Bartholomeuz - Sydney Morning Herald

each time we recover from a bout of irrational exuberance. ... more

Housing crisis: we did it ourselves - 25th July 2007

Ross Gittins - Sydney Morning Herald

I'll give it to you straight, as no politician would dare to: the difficulty people are having affording a home loan is largely of our own making. We've made a rod for our own backs. ... more

Great Depression fall looms -26th June 2007

Jacob Saulwick & Telegraph London - Sydney Morning Herald

THE risk of a 1930s-style economic slump has been heightened by ... more

Leave emotion out of it - 2nd MAY 2007

John Synnott - The Australian

Investors need to be aware of their prejudices ... more

Shares soar over bricks'n'mortar - 28th JULY 2006

Michael Pascoe - Futurewealth magazine

Nice to get a bouquet rather than the brickbats I usually receive. ... more

Negative Gearing - 21st May 2006

Scott Pape - Herald-Sun

Scott takes a less favourable view of the property love affair ... more

Market comments - 24th April 2006

Bill Miller - Legg Mason

A reminder that this time won't be different! ... more

STOCKS: The Asset of Choice for the Long Run- 9th MARCH 2006

Jeremy Siegel -

A reminder of what real wealth creation is all about. ... more

Beware of the growth trap - 23rd FEBRUARY 2006

Jeremy Siegel -

This is one answer to the pointless debate over 'growth' versus 'value'. ... more

Property investors hit hard - 6th MAY 2006

Matt Wade - Sydney Morning Herald-Age

The inevitable creeps slowly closer. ... more

Take a LICing - 29th September 2004

Annette Sampson - The Age

Annette Sampson compares managed share funds and listed investment companies. The strategy To work out whether I'm better off in a managed share fund or a listed investment company (LIC). ... more

Hedging in a volatile climate -12th March 2005

John Collett - The Age

Hedge Funds; a new asset class? I think not. ... more

Multi manager, good or bad? - 8th June 2005

Michelle Innis - Sydney Morning Herald-Age

Multi manager, good or bad? ... more

This little piggy bought shares ... teach kids finance -22nd May 2005

Debra Cleveland - Sun Herald

Some basic investment principles for children ... more

Dividends count most in the long run.- 12th february 2005

Graham Searjeant - The Times (UK)

Another wonderful article underlining the vital importance of dividends for serious investors. It also raises the topic of the malignant American system of no dividends and share buy-backs. ... more

Beyond the near horizon - 6th March 2004

Simon Hoyle - Sydney Morning Herald

The toughest part of investing is getting ones mind around the "Long Term". ... more

Risk and Riches - 29th October 2003

Peter Freeman - Bulletin

There is no fast lane to riches - it's either a canny approach and a long wait, or taking a risk and hoping the odds go with you ... more

Stay Cool - 4th February 2004

Annette Sampson - Sydney Morning Herald

There's no big secret to making money - just a few basic principles, hard work, and an eye on the future, ... more

When I'm 104 - 15th October 2003

Annette Sampson - Sydney Morning Herald

Increasing lifespans, not to mention dramatically lower interest rates, have forced many people to rethink the traditional financial retirement model. ... more

If we're all getting richer, why do we feel so poor - 22nd Aug 2003

Julie Macken & David Bassanese - Australian Financial Review

a not-so-simple story about rising expectations and recalibrated desire. ... more

Real benefits of dividends may lose out to the gleam of potential gains - 31st August 2003

Barry Dunstan - Australian Financial Review

After only a few months of rising share market prices, many investors are in danger of losing their focus on real returns and, instead, may be starting to fantasise again about capital gains. Smart investors, however, will be looking at the more subs ... more

It's good to share- 27th August 2003

Annette Sampson - Sydney Morning Herald

Australians are notoriously fickle when it comes to the sharemarket, either chasing over-valued stocks or jumping at shadows. Is it time to change our thinking on shares? Annette Sampson reports. ... more

Commercial sector not without its risks - 5th June 2003

Robert Harley - Australian Financial Review

But with one of the two tenants about to vacate, investors in the syndicate will struggle to get their money back ... more

Switch over to the stock market- May 2003

Martin Fagan - Personal Finance (UK)

A casual glance at any issue of the Radio Times will reveal a host of property-related programmes, such as Property Ladder, DIY SOS, Home Front, Changing Rooms, House Doctor, Location, Location, Location and thats just prime time on the five terre ... more

FLAT RETURNS-21 August 2002

Pam Walkley - Bulletin

Buyers who snapped up inner-city apartments in Sydney and Melbourne hoping for a goldmine have been generally disappointed. Pam Walkley spots the winners and losers. ... more

Look at the ratios for dividends-24th May 2003

Annette Sampson - Sydney Morning Herald

Companies which pay decent dividends have become a safe haven for sharemarket investors in the past couple of years ... more

Dividends Back in Vogue -30th March 2003

Jean Scheidnes - Reuters

"For people who don't know much about stocks, which I didn't, my advice is to buy blue-chips and hold on," ... more

Wall Street turns back to dividends.- 3rd April 2003

Ben Wilmot - Australian Financial Review

What a farcical result when compared to the "growth" crap that has come out of the US in the last 3-4 years. ... more

Incomes rise for those prepared to hold- 17th March 2003

Barry Dunstan - Australian Financial Review

Slowly but surely investors are beginning to realise that the real measure of their investment returns will soon be showing up as the latest interim dividends drop into their bank accounts or letterboxes. ... more

Avoid the debt trap and save a packet- 1st February 2003

Deborah Cleveland - Australian Financial Review

Put that credit card away, think again if you're about to sign your life away for that gorgeous car, and reconsider taking an overseas holiday. Because if you're like most 20-somethings, two things stand in your path to prosperity an over-ambitious l ... more

Trouble ahead for the economy- 24th January 2003

Gerry van Wyngen - Australian Financial Review

Our model economic management is a myth. Exports have not grown for two years, the worst performance since the credit squeeze years of the early 1960s. Exports to Asia's new dynamos are falling. The feelgood property boom has diverted attention from ... more

You must yield to dividend temptation- 19th January 2003

David Koch - Sydney Morning Herald

I'VE said it before, but in these uncertain times it is worth shouting from the rooftops again and again: when investing in the sharemarket, don't underestimate the power of dividends. ... more

US will reap dividends by ending double taxation- 10th January 2003

Burton Malkiel - Australian Financial Review

The firestorm of criticism that greeted President George Bush's proposal to eliminate the income taxes individuals pay on dividends was fierce - and predictable. Critics have attacked the plan for favouring the wealthy without any beneficial effect o ... more

Owe, the pain of dirty debt most foul- 28th December 2002

James Dunn - The Australian

There's nothing wrong with getting yourself into debt. What's important is whether it's clean or dirty, as James Dunn reports ... more

Playing the Dividend Market- 19th December 2002

Richard Teitelbaum -

With income stocks, you don't just get the chicken, you get the eggs too. The trick is to pick 'em right. ... more

After the Bubble- 1st September 2002

Jeremy Siegel - Financial Planning Interactive

A look at a century of investing puts a couple of really bad years in perspective, as investors move from irrational exuberance to irrational despondency. ... more

Hard lessons, happy returns- A REVIEW OF MY BOOK BY BARRY DUNSTAN- 20th December 2002

Barry Dunstan - Australian Financial Review

There are some important lessons for smart investors to learn at the end of a pretty nasty investment year. The lessons are, basically, to understand what investment is all about. ... more

HOW TO RETIRE RICH- 23rd October 2002

Peter Freeman - Bulletin

What does it take to become rich? Financial specialists say the two key ingredients are starting to save at an early age and having the courage to take risks. Peter Freeman outlines the strategy. ... more

Relax, we're not down gurgler- 22nd July 2002

James Dunn - The Australian

A LITANY of investment cliches some contradictory is running through the heads of investors at the moment as they contemplate the eerily volatile state of the share market in what brokers are calling the "Great Bear" market of 2001-02. ... more

Stars and Strife- 27th November 2002

John Collett - Sydney Morning Herald

Funds researchers are locked into a battle, the outcome of which could affect how Australians invest for years to come. ... more

Time to get a flying start- 16th October 2002

Annette Sampson - Sydney Morning Herald

The rich get richer and the young get the picture, but what can generations X and Y do to get ahead? ... more

The Loan Hand- 14th August 2002

Peter Freeman - Bulletin

Deciding whether or not to borrow to invest is challenging enough. Working out how best to do it can be even more demanding. ... more

Gearing to Grow- 14th August 2002

Peter Freeman - Bulletin

It has been a smooth ride for Australians who have utilised gearing over the past five years. Peter Freeman says even now, when global bourses are shaky, gearing can be profitable as long as it's part of a clear, long-term strategy ... more

Money to live on- 21st August 2002

Barbara Drury - Sydney Morning Herald

In Jane Austen's day a person's wealth was measured in terms of how much they ``had" a year. Almost the first thing the reader learns about Mr Darcy is that he is rumoured to have $10,000 a year. In other words, wealth was defined by income generated ... more

Open wounds in funds- 14th August 2002

Barry Dunstan - Australian Financial Review

All is not well in the allocated pension and annuity market - a $34 billion (and growing) sector of funds management which is providing retirement incomes for thousands of Australians. ... more

Passing the buck-Greenback- 8th August 2002

Stephen Ellis - The Australian

US investors want dividends, not promises. AFTER all the hand-wringing over the tech crash, now comes the anguish over tech cash. The most successful US technology companies are drowning in money, much generated in the 1990s. ... more

Crisis of confidence- 24th July 2002

Warren Buffet - New York Times

OMAHA - There is a crisis of confidence today about corporate earnings reports and the credibility of chief executives. And it's justified. ... more

Key to wealth rests simply in discipline 20th March 2002

Jocelyn Eastway - Australian Financial Review

Trying to build wealth can be like trying to run an obstacle course. Just as you feel you're making some progress, something gets in the way to slow you down ... more

Top tips on how to accumulate maximum wealth as you head for retirement 18th August 2001

Jocelyn Eastway - Australian Financial Review

People building wealth for retirement often have two broad types of income they need to make important decisions about: salary or business income, and investment income. In each case, the way they choose to derive the income, and what they decide ... more

Joining the dots 4th April 2000

Annette Sampson - Sydney Morning Herald

The rush to cash in on the share boom is changing not just how we invest, but our very way of life, writes Annette Sampson. ... more

When cheap means value bonanza 27th July 2002

James Dunn - The Australian

AUSTRALIAN investors find themselves in a situation just like Christmas Day: they know that the bargains are ready, but the doors leading to the big sales are not yet open. ... more

How green is my money? 22nd August 2001

John Synnott - Sun Herald

The rules of a clean and fair planet also put a shine on shares, writes John Collett. Companies that are good corporate citizens tend to perform better in the long run and do their investors proud. That's what the United States consultant McKinse ... more

Next Telstra sell-off sets nerves jangling 23rd June 2002

John Synnott - Sun Herald

Call centre sales worker Janice Reid has almost $280,000 of Telstra shares hanging on the line. Two million Telstra shareholders got that familiar sinking feeling recently as their $7.40 shares briefly dipped below $4.50. They closed on Friday ... more

STEADY AS SHE GROWS 16th January 2002

Peter Freeman - Bulletin

Sharemarket uncertainty means investors are better off sticking with solid industrials paying good dividends rather than betting on growth stocks, writes Peter Freeman. ... more

LESSONS OF THE FALL 21st March 2001

Peter Freeman - Bulletin

Wall Street has been hit hard and may be set to fall even further. Not surprisingly, even the optimists are finding it hard to see anything positive about this sharp correction. Yet among all the pain there is one worthwhile aspect that needs to be h ... more

Don't let great expectations get in the way of the facts 12th August 2000

Annette Sampson - Sydney Morning Herald

Hands up if you are one of those investors who was just a wee bit disappointed with NRMA's sharemarket listing this week. Be honest. We all know we got the shares for nothing and should be happy that they came on to the market at a premium to the fac ... more

Seven Deadly Sins

Jocelyn Eastway - Australian Financial Review

If you think you're such a legend that you don't need professional financial advice, then you're guilty of pride - the first, and arguably the worst, of the seven deadly sins. Investment was probably the last thing on people's minds when they coin ... more

Many miss out on managed funds as they stick to old ways 11th May 2002

Annette Sampson - The Sydney Morning Herald Online

Education is seen as the key to investing in managed funds. Annette Sampson reports. A profile of Australian investors has shown that many people still lack understanding of managed funds. While investors who use financial planners are likely t ... more