University of Sydney - Centre for continuing Education

Peter is extremely knowledgable and passionate

University of Sydney- Centre for Continuing Education

Very engaging presenter - approachable and funny as well.

ANZ Bank seminar

I thought it clever that ANZ Financial Planning should present this guy last night. He was one of the best speakers I've ever listened to. His message was simple, credible and delivered with conviction. Just what I (and I'm sure many people like me) was seeking. Well done.

A book reader

What moved me so much was your wonderful philosophy on life and it is what will give me the interest to finish your book - some of the things you wrote brought tears to my eyes.

Westpac Bank client seminar

I attended the recent Westpac seminar at which you presented, and was quite frankly, blown away. Though I knew the 'truths'. I appreciated your shaking up the comfortable complacency that had been building up.

Commonwealth Bank client presentation

Well done Commonwealth Bank, this is the best thing they have ever done for me in my 35 years of banking with them.

Presentation to clients on behalf of Genesys Wealth Advisors.

Enjoyed your talk very much. Refreshing to hear you replacing media and crowd created myths with fact. Content, manner and tone plus natural humour and passion made for an outstanding speech. As a result of much reading and share market success plus an understanding of variation I thought I knew quite a bit about shares and the media/broker nonsense. You've opened my eyes wider and I appreciate learning. Thank you.

Australian Shareholders Association Annual Conference

You received the highest speaker approval rating at the conference.

Presentation to RetireInvest Financial Planners

Where was this guy 20 years ago? Fantastic! A real eye opener! Now I can understand, explained in good old fashioned plain English!

Presentation to the clients of behalf of Executive Financial Services

To engage Peter Thornhill as your guest speaker was a stroke of genius. He is not only most entertaining and informative but he has the great ability to put into very plain and succinct terms the message he is trying to convey to his audience, no matter what the level.

Australian Society of CPA's Wealth Creation Day Conference

I'm converted - equities, equities, equities! Best speaker I've heard for a long time. Really made a point Fantastic very entertaining and thought provoking Changed my outlook on investment excellent Excellent hard hitting makes you sit up and take notice

Presentation to Australian Institute of Management Young Professionals Group

Even though this was the second time I have seen your presentation I was still mesmerised by your message. From evaluations we received, it looks like the rest of the audience felt the same way too, as it's the highest set of ratings we've ever had!